EUReKA– A Key Access to EU Rights


EUReKA– A Key Access to EU Rights

Novapolis Association – Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development, in partnership with the cu European Institute of Romania (IER) and the National Trade-Union Confederation “Cartel ALFA” implement in Romania, during 15.07.2019-14.07.2021 the project “EUReKA – A key access to EU Rights”, co-financed by the European Union under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship European Programme – REC, contract no. 826666. The project consortium includes, besides the Lead Beneficiary IDOS (IT), 10 partners from 6 European countries: Romania, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France and Croatia, relevant public and private actors with multidisciplinary experience in the practical and technical aspects of mobility, inclusion policies and other complementary areas to intra-EU mobility.

The main objective of this project is to facilitate the exercise of the rights of freedom of movement, inclusion and participation of European citizens in the host Member States, through the exchange of skills and competences, at local, national and transnational level and increasing the level of access to and use of digital information.

Specifically, the project aims to:
 identify, share and disseminate best practices in six EU Member States, thus providing knowledge based on experience on this topic;
 develop and test an innovative web portal (one-stop shop) and a tool (application APP) capable of providing easy online acces to practical information, assistance and geolocated services at local/regional level in four Member States;
 promote the use of technological tools provided by the project among EU mobile citizens and raise awareness of their rights, thus empowering them through information and advice;
 ensure the relationship/cooperation between the public/private stakeholders and their continuos involvement in the project activities;
 increase the visibility and dissemination of results, thus supporting the transfer of project results to other EU Member States and their sustainability.

Target Groups:
a) EU citizens, including non- EU family members:
- who intend to move in another Member State;
- who have arrived or have recently settled in another Member State;
- who intend to go back in the country of origin Member State;
b) reprezentatives of national, regional and local public authorities;
c) operators of NGOs, members of civil society organisations and officials;
d) mass-media professionals who can facilitate dissemination within the European Union and can act as multipliers.

The project activities are grouped into four work packages (WP) and distributed according to the expertise and added value brought by each partner. Therefore, Novapolis activities within this project cover activities from WP1, WP2 and WP4, which target the following areas:
 project management of Novapolis contributions (WP1);
 collecting, exchanging and disseminating good practicies (WP2);
 dissemination, exploitation and sustainability (WP4).

***For more information about the project please visit the Facebook page: or contact us by phone 0725 259 919 or e-mail: asociaț, contact person Iris Alexe, project coordinator.