Eureka Comparative Report is now available!


The Report on free movement rights and EU mobile citizens’ inclusion and participation in the host Member States, conducted within the EUReKA project – A Key Access to EU Rights, is ready to be consulted in English.EUReKa Comparative report – final

This report presents a comparative analysis of the different sections included in the national reports compiled by the EUReKA partners.

Section 1 provides a brief description of the legislative and social framework related to the rights of free movement in each country, particularly focusing on the policies implemented by national public authorities and other relevant interventions carried out by economic actors, social partners and civil society organisations. Any particular aspects relating to local contexts and the most interesting similarities and differences is properly highlighted. Data on EU mobility and migration towards and from
partner countries are also reported, when available.

Section 2 show the results of first-hand data collected by the project partners through online surveys. The EUReKA survey, as further explained in the relevant section, was aimed at identifying and collecting examples of online tools for EU mobile citizens capable to provide them with rapid and easy access to reliable information as well as to local services.

Section 3 then presents a synthesis of benchmarking analysis carried out by project partners applying a specific grid model to the reported practices. Section 2 and 3 constitute the main added value of the EUReKA research activity as they showed the major features of information services available in the partner countries and produced the necessary experience-based knowledge to improve the usability and the accessibility of the digital tools developed within the project.

In the conclusive part, the EUReKA project presents a first set of recommendations for multi-level public authorities and civil society organisations, also based on the main
challenges emphasized by the country partners.

The EUReKA project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Program on Rights, Equality and Citizenship – REC, contract no. 826666.

For more information and details please contact us at e-mail:, contact person Iris Alexe, project coordinator.