Launch of the EUReKA National Report

Press release

Launch of the EUReKA National Report



The National Report on the Free Movement and Inclusion of Mobile Citizens in the European Union (EU), carried out under the EUReKA project – A Key Access to EU Rights, is available to the general public and can be consulted in Romanian (raport eureka_traducere ro_final) or English (Country Report ROMANIA_EUReKA final_EN).

The national report integrates the contributions of the European Institute of Romania, the Novapolis Association-Center for Analysis and Initiatives for Development and the National Trade Union Confederation “Cartel Alfa”, following the model provided by the project coordinator – Centro Studi e Ricerche IDOS (Italy).

The research is based on a survey that took place between 15 November 2019 and 31 January 2020 in order to map and evaluate existing technological tools (mainly websites), capable of providing easy access to information, services and guidance for EU citizens and their family members living in another Member State.

The report thus allows a case analysis based on the data collected to which is added the identification of good practices and policy recommendations in the field. At the same time, the analysis is meant to support the development of a unique innovative web portal and an application, to be tested and implemented in six EU countries (Romania, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France and Croatia).

For more information and details please contact us at e-mail:, contact person Iris Alexe, project coordinator.